Mapping Health: Apps for Health Data!

Mapping Health creates original visualizations and apps for exploring or managing health data. The audience ranges from academics and health professionals to patients and healthy consumers. Software development for all projects was by Big Yellow Star.

AUG 2015

It Matters: iPhone & Android app for sexual and reproductive health education.

AUG 2014

Now I Know: iPhone & Android app to help with cervical cancer prevention.

JUNE 2013

Thal Happy: Concept for smartphone app that helps people with thalassemia manage their care. Includes mockups and Proposal.

MAY 2013

Health Data Science: Suite of tools being developed to integrate large data sets related to health.

FEB 2013

Everhealthier Women: Mobile web app with interactive text messsaging. Simplifies tasks and resources for reducing cancer risks. Winner in a Health 2.0 developer challenge and featured in the August 2013 issue of O (Oprah) Magazine.

JAN 2013

Video (retired): Mobile web app to simplify preventative health behaviors. Finalist in a Health 2.0 developer challenge.

SEP 2012

MyHeartMap: An interactive map for viewing geographic data from the MyHeartMap project.

MAY 2012

Global Health Jobs
Global Health Jobs: a simple interface for finding global health job and internship opportunities. Database by the Akili Initiative.

MAR 2012

Childbirth RiskVideo
Childbirth Risks: exploring fine-grain data for preterm births, low birth weight, and cesarean births; plus a risk calculator that shows costs and outcomes.

JAN 2012

Quality Care NavigatorVideo
Quality Care Navigator: powerful comparison tool for local medical offices and hospitals.

DEC 2011

Health Information Map
Health Information Map: data visualization for this project of Indiana University.

NOV 2011

Rx TransitionVideo
Safe Transitions in Care: tool for managing patient transition from hospital to home.

OCT 2011

Heart DefenseVideo
Heart Defense: App for prevention of heart disease through tracking of certain behaviors.

SEP 2011

Engage with GraceVideo
Engage with Grace: Planner: checklist for end of life directive planning. Winner of a challenge by Engage with Grace.

AUG 2011

Exploring Obesity in America: data visualization of obesity related data across all US counties. Winner of a challenge by the Aetna Foundation.

AUG 2011

Medicare Dashboard: data visualization of the newly released public data files from Medicare. Winner of a challenge by IMPAQ International and NORC.

AUG 2011

Cancer screeningVideo
Cancer Screening Planner: track cancer screening schedules for yourself and loved ones.

JUL 2011

PREPPED Kids: a hyper-local, bilingual app that helps parents find preschool & pediatric care. Winner of two prizes by the FCC and Knight Foundation.

JUN 2011

Road Crashes
Road Crashes: published in print by Lonely Planet Press in this book.

MAY 2011

How to Fight the Flu: flu related infographics, and an outbreak simulation tool.

APR 2011

Children's HealthVideo
Local Children's Health in California: exploring health disparities across races and counties. Winner of a challenge by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children.

MAR 2011

Deadly Showers
Deadly Showers: Urbanization, Water, and Sanitation: an interactive comparison of water and sanitation globally, linked with certain health outcomes across countries.

FEB 2011

Mapping Maternity Care and Birth Outcomes: an exploration of maternity care data, including procedures, costs, and outcomes. Includes a state comparison tool. Winner of a challenge by Childbirth Connection.

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