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About Mapping Health

This site contains original tools for health data, ranging from data visualization and analytics to personal health informatics. The site started in 2011. Most of these projects are just early-stage proofs of concept, so please give us feedback!

The goal of Mapping Health is to use information tools to improve communication and understanding of health issues. We use recent advances in the fields of data collection and analysis, interactive visualizations, GIS, and other information technologies.

The audience is policy-makers, health professionals, community health workers, patients, ... and anyone interested in promoting the health of populations, loved ones, or themselves!

The plan, if people demonstrate interest in this initiative, is that we will create interactive visualizations of other health topics. We hope to incorporate requests and feedback from the audience. Please get in touch!

Damien Damien Leri, MPH, MS.Ed

Damien started his first information technology company as a teenager and he now works at the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation. See Big Yellow Star for other projects in the area of health information technology. He can be reached via damien at and on Twitter as @damienleri.

Victoria Leri, BSN RN

Victoria is a nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She received her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Science and is currently pursuing her MSN.

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