Exploring Obesity in America

(There is also a video demo of this tool.)

Welcome! This is an interactive tool for exploring data related to obesity in the US, at the county level. Please choose a state to begin.
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    This is a GIF image that fully contains the county comparisons you had selected. If you selected multiple counties, this image is animated: it switches between the counties in a loop, with a one-second delay between each.

    Right-click on the image to save it to a file. You can then insert it as an animation in PowerPoint, etc.

    ·   County-level data (besides population totals): USDA: Food Environment Atlas
    ·   County population totals: 2010 US Census
    ·   Cost burden (used in simulator tool): Finkelstein EA, Trogdon JG, Cohen JW, Dietz W. Annual Medical Spending Attributable To Obesity: Payer- And Service-Specific Estimates. Health Affairs. 2009; 28(5): w822–w831.
    ·   Mortality burden (used in simulator tool): Flegal KM, Graubard BI, Williamson DF, et al. Excess Deaths Associated With Underweight, Overweight, and Obesity. JAMA. 2005; 293(15): 1861-1867.